Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy boys

Our Family of Four

2011 Started off a little crazy! I had a broken foot & was on crutches for the Christmas holidays & most of January, which was VERY challenging with two busy little boys! But, we had lots of help from friends & family & got through it! Caden & Caleb are getting so big & now that Caleb is crawling everywhere & showing lots of interest in Caden's toys, Caden is not TOO happy! We are dealing with teaching him to be gentle & to share CONSTANTLY! I know it is a learning process & that this time is going to fly by & they'll be best buds playing baseball together soon! Despite Caden's roughness, Caleb LOVES Caden & learns so much from him already! He learned to clap his hands & make sounds by watching his big brother. He learned to splash like crazy in the bathtub, take off his own bib & throw food! Ha! Caden also can make Caleb laugh like no one else & it is the cutest thing!

Brotherly LOVE (sometimes)!

We have a lot of friends either about to adopt or who are in the process right now! I know sometimes the journey can be long & it is so hard to have patience while you wait. I am not a patient person at all & I had to learn to be patient while we went through our long journey of infertility & then adoption. I know God led us to adoption & to these two boys & I am so blessed to have them. Even on the most difficult days (and raising rambunctious boys is NOT an easy task) I am still so grateful to not still be waiting. God's timing was perfect & it always is!

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