Monday, July 5, 2010

Paying It Forward

We have had such great experiences with people passing on our information & desire to adopt & being able to adopt privately & as a result have had so many people contact us for tips & advice. Sometimes the info can we overwhelming but I hope that some of it is helpful too. Our family has been so blessed with our two sweet boys & our open adoptions are great & I want to help others complete their families too. I saw this quote on another blog that I was reading & I loved it: "Adoption is very messy. It is beautiful and full of God, but it’s not simple or tidy. There is lots of stuff to sort through and many miracles must take place every time adoption happens. It’s such a beautiful picture of the way God has adopted us. Our adoption as sons and daughters in God’s family is messy, too. It involves repentance and brokenness and usually some tears. But in the end, this way that God has provided through Jesus, this way back to him after things were messed up by sin, brings a perfect reconciliation of broken things in our lives and our relationship with him. Just as adoption is a perfect reconciliation of physical brokenness: a husband and wife who are broken because they can't conceive, and a child born without a whole family. It all comes together to create a new, whole, un-broken family. Two broken things made whole, for the glory of God. God adopting us – children who sinned and messed up his perfect original plan – is the ultimate reconciliation of what was broken in the Garden of Eden. It all comes full circle in some crazy, mysterious way.I think that those who are touched by adoption will agree that it is a miraculous and blessed thing to be a part of, one that changes you and opens your eyes; one that leaves you forever imprinted with the image of God and the whisper of his love in your life.Our God is the God of miracles, and I am so blessed to be adopted into His eternal, victorious family!"
Right now my two sweet boys are asleep & our oldest son, Caden's birth sister is asleep in the room next door. I never imagined that we would have this type of relationship but I know that God put us in each other's lives for a reason. She is spending 3 weeks with us this summer & we see her frequently throughout the year. She is 9 & is so in love with her baby brother & now loves being around Caleb too. She calls us Aunt Kenya & Uncle David & loves us too. Adoptive families are definitely unique but I just feel blessed. To help other families that are in the process of adoption, I would like to post profiles of couples in hopes that connections can be made & more families can share in the wonderful blessing of adoption!

Please check out this sweet family's adoption site & please pass it on or post a link to it on your blog if you have one!

Also if you have an adoption website/blog please let me know & I will add it on here!

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  1. I LOVE your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your journey and ideas! We're also adopting and looking for a baby.
    Yes, please add our site:

    Thank you! - Cathryn