Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moving right along!

2011 was a busy year in the Soto family! We made a BIG move back to the great state of Texas! We left behind lots of friends & family in Louisiana & plan to visit a lot! That was definitely the hardest part of our move! The good part is David was offered a great job, our house sold pretty quickly & we found a great new house in Texas. We have a lot of open land around us & the boys are loving all of the space to run around & be silly boys! Santa brought them a John Deere Jeep for Christmas & they are having a blast with it! Caden is three & Caleb is 22 months old! They are both getting so big! They would both LOVE a little sister some day but time will tell....In the mean time we are having a great time getting settled in Texas & trying to make lots of memories together!

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